The Death of Dr. Davidson is an homage to the 30's era dramas of famous writers like Agatha Christie. I have devised a fiendish plot and a glittering cast of suspect, voiced by some of the best voice performers in the industry. Enjoy these amazing performances!

Part 1

At Wakefield Manor, the country home of wealthy retired heart surgeon Dr. James Davidson, his family has been summoned to a special dinner...

Part 4

Inspector Miles McTavish and his assistant Sergeant Roy arrive at the house to begin the investigation. They begin by surveying the scene...

Part 2

After a sumptuous dinner, Dr. Davidson addresses his family and makes a very startling announcement...shocking everyone in the house.

Part 3

The next morning, as the family deals with shocking announcement of the night before, the Davidsons' housekeeper Hannah makes a horrible discovery.