Other Work

Like many writers, I enjoy writing in other genres and sub-genres. Below are samples from as-yet unfinished works. I hope to write all of these books eventually :)

I'm also an audio script writer, for other audio performers like myself to use in their productions. Below you'll find my collection of erotic, romantic or freeverse scripts.

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I love the Regency era, which you may know from Jane Austen novels and movies like Pride and Prejudice. It refers to the period in English history when King George III became mentally ill and unable to function as King, and so his son, the Prince Regent, ruled in his place. In fiction, Regency covers the years 1800-1820, roughly, and often features the Napoleonic Wars.

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Like my current project Noah and Kate, which is set in a small North American (fictional) town, Contemporary romance takes place in modern times, and involve modern day issues. I have another book planned in Noah and Kate's world, and my first ever attempt at a romance novel was a Contemporary - I will post segments of it here in the future.

Retro Singer

Audio Scripts

As a voice actress and voice over performer, I've had a lot of experience with writing scripts for myself and others to perform. These erotic and romantic scripts and freeverse are meant for erotic audio performers, and are free for anyone to use (I just ask for credit and notification if they're used).