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Essays & Non-Fiction

Creative Non-fiction and essays combining art, history and literature and medicine, published by Hektoen International Journal of Medical Humanities.

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Your Death

Catching Your Death: Infectious Disease in the Works of Jane Austen

The Queen's Quickening

The Queen's

The Queen's Quickening:

The Phantom Pregnancies of Mary I

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Body Language:

Body  Language:

The History of Medical Terminology

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The First Two Pages: The One

Published on Art Taylor's Blog

As part of the launch of Capitol Crimes' Anthology Cemetery Plots of Northern California, I was invited to write an essay covering the first two pages of my story The One by Art Taylor, a Derringer Award winning writer and critic, for his blog series The First Two Pages.

Mystery Readers Journal
True Crime and the Fiction Writer
Published in the Mystery Readers Journal (Journal of Mystery Readers International®️) - edited by Janet Randolph

For Volume 37, Number 4 (Winter 2021), the theme was Cold Case Mysteries, and I contributed a short article on joining a True Crime Meetup group as a fiction writer. The case involved the disappearance of Manic Street Preachers lead singer Richey Edwards.

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