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Catching Your Death : Infectious Rain in the Works of Jane Austen

Published by Hektoen International: A Journal of Medical Humanities

Readers of Jane Austen are probably familiar with how deadly it can be for young ladies to get caught in the rain - it nearly kills poor Jane Bennet and Marianne Dashwood! In this article I explore the Regency-era beliefs in the causes of infection and why they believed getting wet could be so dangerous.

*I was delighted to receive an Honourable Mention for this essay in the Hektoen International Grand Prix Essay Prize.

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The First Two Pages: The One

Published on Art Taylor's Blog

As part of the launch of Capitol Crimes' Anthology Cemetery Plots of Northern California, I was invited to write an essay covering the first two pages of my story The One by Art Taylor, a Derringer Award winning writer and critic, for his blog series The First Two Pages.