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Book 2 in the Phoenix Group Series

Erik Johansson is as tough at they come - he's a former Army Ranger whose entire unit was betrayed by one of their own and killed in an overseas ambush. Along with two others, he survived, but only just. Abducted by unknown agents and medically ’enhanced’, he became the ultimate Super-soldier - thirty percent stronger than the average man, more aggressive, more violent…and with a sex drive to match. Now liberated from his captors, the only thing capable of breaking his control is one woman -  the doctor who helped bring him back from the brink, the beautiful, brave Dr. Alexandra O’Neill…

Alex O’Neill knows her patient well. As part of Phoenix Group International, the para-military private security force she joined to escape a troubled past of her own, she knows too well the toll that war can take on a man. Especially a man like Erik Johansson, the man she’s fallen in love with; the man she knows has fallen in love with her too, but whose demons won’t let him admit it.

She knows there’s only way to soothe his soul and heal his scars, and she’s going to risk everything to prove it to him.Alone, together, in a secluded mountain cabin…can she break down his walls and convince him to let love in?





I'm currently writing a contemporary, friends-to-lovers romance about Noah and Kate, two old friends who reconnect on their shared 30th birthday. I'm writing it chapter by chapter and releasing it to patrons on Patreon - a new departure for me, but a process I'm really enjoying! In fact, the page called "" is from Chapter 7 of the new book - I wanted to create an actual website that Kate talks about in the book, just for fun.

You can hear the audiobook chapters as they're written on, or if you'd like to help encourage me to finish the story, consider supporting my dollar-a-month campaign at Patreon.


"I loved every single page of it, it read exactly like a book by you should read, drenched with raw emotion and detail, and plenty of sexy encounters to keep me going when I was feeling a little sleepy while reading in bed. I loved it enough to write you to simply express how amazing of an author you are, and that if you have ever had aspirations to write again, I would highly encourage you to do so, as I would read it!"  - E.D.

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"I just recently finished listening to 'Stay With Me' and I really have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. There's just the sense that I can identify and relate with characters and their emotions more than I think I ever could in a story in this genre. I really do feel that your characters are so authentic, even through some of the minor exaggerations that keep it interesting ;).  I love your passionate writing style, and though the sexy bits were *very* good (I can't recommend attempting to do any work during those btw)!" - P.R.

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